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Dear visitor, aims to provide a high quality car service for all types of journey. Our chauffeurs have been transferring clients for many years. In this time we have gained a good reputation for courteous and efficient service. A loyal following of regular customers has been the result of our conscientious approach to customer satisfaction. With their support, this has been the foundation in building a solid business, in which we take great pride.

One key asset to our success has been the enthusiasm of our chauffeurs who are highly experienced in this profession.

They are chosen for their dedication in offering a caring attitude to client's requirements. Chauffeurs are required to dress smartly and be helpful at all times.  

Vehicle types range from saloon/sedans to minivans. The Mercedes saloon cars and the minivans for their comfort and baggage capacity are particularly popular. All vehicles have air conditioning.

Hiring a chauffeur driven car from our lowest cost range will result in a car of our choice being used - to suit availability. Your car will be at least a luxury sedan, but might well also be one of our higher value cars.

Chauffeurs are required to have their vehicle regularly valeted and to be kept clean at all times. Chauffeurs can be contacted at any time by cellular telephone which is also available for client use.

Should you have any questions, enquiries or observations regarding our business or web site, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address or Tel./Fax numbers below.

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